Documentaries by Free-Lance Ultra-Journalist Stefan Krieg
Brazil: Booming economy, rising inequality? South America’s sleeping elephant has woken and it’s the job of Stefan Krieg, a British freelance reporter who has interned with more than three daily tabloids, to expose the ugliness dangling beneath this roused Pachyderm.
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British journalists are world famous for their reporting on the world's famous. Stefan Krieg, one of England's hottest exports, breaks taboos and laws to reveal a shocking Brazilian celebrity sex scandal.

If poverty is a cancer then Brazil is a  tumour-riddled patient and Stefan Krieg, the ruthlessly-efficient  surgeon that tells the family there's still hope. Our reporter-doctor  biopsies some of the most malignant segments of society to show that  'growth' isn't always a good thing.

Five hundred years of crossbreeding between Brazilian Catholicism and African animism has spawned a litter of bastard religions. Stefan Krieg explains why this eclectic nation is so open to foreign fetishes and why Africans are so well-equipped to fill that void.

Prostitution is flourishing in Sao Paulo. Country girls, honed from years of milking cattle and picking low-lying coffee crops, are flocking to the city as an expanding middle class seeks exotic ways of spending its wealth. Stefan Krieg goes undercover with numerous sex workers to lay bare these dirty damsels' sordid secrets.